Leather Earrings

$ 7.00

SKU: 457C

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Mini "Chi Omega" Quote Cuff

$ 42.00

SKU: 1047G

Rustic Cuff mini quote cuff measures approximately .5cm in width and is available in gold or si...
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Owl Barrel Bead

$ 36.00

SKU: 1009

"Whooo" loves Pandora jewelry? This adorable owl bead will make a great addition to any Pandora c...
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Pearl And Leather Bracelet With Crest Disc

$ 66.00

SKU: 432

This bracelet is exquisite! Every Chi Omega needs this fabulous pearl and leather bracelet. Cultu...
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Personalized Crest Round Jewelry Box

$ 38.00

SKU: P-348

Dimensions: 2 1/4" round X 1" depth. Velvet lined. Please allow two weeks for delivery.  Add pers...
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Personalized Silver Jewelry Box

$ 36.00

SKU: P-234

Personalized engraved crest and Chi Omega. Rectangular and lined with navy velvet. Dimensions: 1....
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Pewter Patterned Adjustable Ring-7mm

$ 15.00

SKU: 411

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Rimmed Cut Out Metal Cuff

$ 88.00

SKU: 285G

Rustic Cuff hammered rimmed brass cuff with cut out greek letters. 1" in width and available in s...
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Sanitizer - 8 ounce pump

$ 7.77

SKU: 506

8 ounce gel hand sanitizer with pump. 62% alcohol.
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Scholarship Cuff Bracelet

$ 22.00

SKU: 878

Recycled lead-free pewter cuff bracelet engraved with "...TO PLACE SCHOLARSHIP BEFORE SOCIAL OBLI...
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Serenity Ring

$ 35.00

SKU: 517-5

Display your Chi Omega pride with this bold sterling silver ring, engraved with the Greek letters...
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Silhouette Owl Charm

$ 20.00

SKU: 436

Sterling silver silhouette owl charm. Dimension: 0.75" L x 0.5" H
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Silhouette Owl Charm Necklace

$ 27.00

SKU: 453-S

0.75" owl silhouette charm necklace. Available in gold plated or sterling silver.  Dimension: 18"...
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Silhouette Owl Earrings

$ 30.00

SKU: 249A

Sterling silver silhouette owl stud earring.  Dimension: 0.5" L 
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Silver Jewelry Box

$ 30.00

SKU: 234

Engraved crest and Chi Omega. Rectangular and lined with navy velvet. Dimensions: 1.75" L x 3.25"...
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Sisters on purpose Cuff Bracelet

$ 28.00 $ 19.00

SKU: 368

Custom made 14K gold plated cuff bracelet with "Sisters on purpose" .    
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Square Black Onyx Crest Ring

$ 119.00

SKU: 387-5

Square black onyx ring with Chi Omega crest. Sterling silver. Express shipping is not available o...
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St. Louis Greek Letter Cuff

$ 74.00 $ 59.00

SKU: 280

Rustic Cuff .5" brass cuff in silver with cut out greek letters. Can be gently opened and closed ...
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